Dear Fotki

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  1. i kept rewriting my php media browser that was on my site to add features that i kept copying off flickr (down to the smooth movement of thumbnails as you click the left and right arrows to navigate to other pics). eventually i stopped and asked myself, “why do i keep trying to copy flickr, why not just use flickr?”

    i had all of my pictures organized in a directory structure like your fotki appears to be. i wrote something to go into each directory, upload all the pics, then add them to a “set” named the same as the directory. sets can then be added to “collections” which basically gave me the same hierarchal structure i had before.

    so while the main “photostream” is everything lumped together by date, i never really browse or find my pics that way. i view by sets or by tags. new pics are uploaded from ruby and php scripts i have, or through email from my iphone (flickr gives you a unique, random email address that anything attached to emails to it get uploaded to your account) or from an app on my imac that uses the flickr api. then i pull the pics back out through the api rss feeds which makes newly uploaded pictures appear on my site.

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