New Car Coming… 2008 Mazda5

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  1. Hello there,
    we just moved to the US with 3 kids, we were about to buy a minivan and then I heard about the mazda 5. Unfortunately there is none to be seen in or around Philadelphia at this point. I’d like your advice: you mention that there is almost no trunk once the 3d row seats are unfolfed, do you think it is feasible to sit 5 people (not 6) and their suitcases in the Mazda5? Thanks for your answer! We still havem’t made our choice. Lorraine.-

  2. Hi, just curious why you didn’t buy your Mazda5 from Hertz? They have and Their prices can’t be beat by carmax or enterprisecarsales. I’m waiting for the right color… 🙂

    1. bryan

      Hi Mandy… At the time, none of the rental companies were selling used Mazda5s that I found, and we also decided to get a new 2008 with the 5 speed auto, which at was brand new and thus hadn’t cycled through the rental system yet. The other reason is that I have little faith in used rental cars. People renting cars have little concern for the well being of the vehicle as they are renting it and treat them accordingly. I also have little faith in the rental company’s maintenance schedule, even though it is in their best interest.

      With the new car market being what it is right now, I would imagine there are some of incentives on new Mazda5s which would lower the price delta between new and off rental. Based on a quick search on seems like the savings are about $5,000, which is significant but you are already what, 75% through the warranty? Not sure that, given the interest rates in new sales, that it is worth it. For me, I don’t think it is.

  3. Garry

    With all the seats up there’s less trunk space, but not ‘none’. I can easily do the grocery shopping for 2 people and put it in the back with all the seats up. We’ve loaded ours with 4 women and their luggage, plus me (a guy) so we had one rear seat down, and it was fine. I rode in the back for 2 hours, it wasn’t wonderful, but it wasn’t bad either. I have back problems, and I wasn’t hurting when I got out.

    We have a 135 pound Bullmastiff. That’s definitely an ‘all-seats-down’ situation, he pretty much takes up the whole back of the car. The low step through the sliding side door makes it very easy for him to get in and out. That was the whole reason we bought the car. We got an ’06 when they first came out (in the U.S.) and we’ve been very happy with it.

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