I have been kinda busy with a bunch of crap… but hopefully it will be slowing down soon… so I will get back on the blogging bandwagon…

Notes of late…

Last night we dropped the motor into the jetta. Still need to connect 1 axle, run the coolant, fuel, and vacuum lines (not tough) and run/connect the wiring harness. Then I need to tune it and get it rolling. I am excited. It is really coming along. Scott took some pics, as soon as I get them, I’ll post them.

Last night driving home from the shop, I got on the expressway (94 inbound) and started heading into the city. Mind you, it was 23:30 on a wednesday night, traffic was light… I run into a group of cars, and I make my way up on the right… and about 7-9 cars ahead of me I see a state trooper, so I slow and stick with the pack. I was sitting there (actually saying out loud) ‘someone is going to do it, c’mon!’… All the cars I had passed shoot by me, then hit the brakes a few cars up… wash rinse repeat… then this Lexus comes flying up, likely around 85… his xenons blazing as he weaves in and out… right around the time we hit the merge he shoot past the front of the group and floors it… and sure enough, the trooper pulls a 3 lane lane change, hits the light, and the lexus was stopped before the irving park exit. I knew someone was going to do it. Funny shit.

On the way into work (I took the bus, which is kinda fun sometimes, especially today, when I walked out the house, checked why I got a parking ticket (stupid parking too close to a stop sign, oh well), moved the Audi to a more legal spot, and walked the block to milwaukee…. and boom the bus was there, hopped on and off I went. Wasn’t too bad at all.) … so I am walking from the bus stop to the office and I see a small family, a father, son, and daughter, all riding on razor-esque scooters. Kinda cool. Some parents can be cool I guess!

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