Google Buzz In My House vs. Others Outside

I just had this exchange on twitter:

mischadehart : Why do I find it creepy that strangers follow me on Buzz, when I have no problem with it on twitter, tumblr, etc.?
skabaru : @mischadehart in gmail buzz feels like those people are coming into your house. Tumblr is them looking at the shit in your yard.
mischadehart : @skabaru lol. exactly!!

That, combined with the odd privacy/user controls in buzz that is making me unhappy. To further add to the pile of awesomeness I have buzz on my Google Apps account, but only accessible via mobile and as such I have few to no options available. Some connection between my non App profiles appears to be happening, so I get notifications of followers when logged into my reader account, which is a google profile that is the same address as my Apps email address but obviously not the same.

I have no idea what is happening, but people seem to be wandering in and out of my house and I seem to have little to no control. Creepy. Google Buzz would feel much less creepy if it weren’t in my gmail house.

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