Who stole my car!?! OR Zombie VW

Easter has come and gone… and easter, the jesus rising to a zombie thing, etc. I wasn’t even into it enough to care enough to make bad jokes. I do find it odd that all these people see the following: Guy that is both loved and hated is put to death in a public spectacle, then he is buried. The next morning, the rock to the tomb is moved and the body is gone.

They see that and while logic would argue that the MOST likely situation was that his body was stolen. Not surprising when you consider the number of people that both hated him and loved him. But instead of following the most likely scenario, it is believed that he rose from the dead.

Now if you had bought the pope’s VW golf (now on eBay) and you got it and put it in the garage. Then the next morning, you came out and your garage door was open and the VW was gone, you would most likely assume that the car was stolen. You would be hard pressed to convince the world that god came and TOOK the VW. I realize that this is not the same level as Jesus, but I think it ignores the most likely scenario. But alas… what do I care.

Believe what you want, but I would like to see more people think about it critically vs. just going to church and believing everything you are told.

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