To the bag of douche in the caddilac:

Right as I am about to go get some dinner with rebecca, I put my coat on to find cosby peed on it. WTF? He never does that. So I grab another coat, yell at the cat, wash my arm off (cat pee stinks), and run out the door. We grab carry out. We drive home.

As we get back to the house, I notice a Cadillac is parked block my driveway/garage as well as my neighbors. Then I notice the dude is just getting out of the car, cool. So I toot the horn a couple times, and he ignores us. I angle the car and start to back into the driveway. So I am sitting in the street, almost in my driveway, in reverse, blocking the road laying on the horn. Mind you, this dude is standing about 10 feet from my car, ignoring us. This goes on for like 15 seconds. So I get out of the car and it goes down like this:

me: ummm, you are blocking my driveway.
him (pretending to be surprised by me, as if I came out of nowhere): huh? Oh, ummm ok.
me: yeah, that is why I have been sitting there laying on the horn.
him: oh, well I’ll move. (pause). You don’t have to be a dick.
me: just get out of my damn driveway.

So he gets in his car, starts it up, turns on the lights, but doesn’t actually MOVE. By this time there is a dude with a work truck wanting to get past on the street, which of course cannot happen because I am blocking the street, car in reverse, waiting for asshat to move. And he continues to sit there. Work truck man is flashing his brights, I am on the horn, this dude is just sitting there. This goes on for 20 seconds. Fine. I get out of the car, walk up to his car, make note of his plate, and call the cops. Before my 911 call gets connected, he puts it in reverse. I get back in the car, and back into my driveway. Work truck drives past. As the Cadillac drives past, he mouths some words to me and gestures, I ignore him. Whatever.

Why are people jerks? Like really, I started honking nicely. A couple little toots. Not to mention, I mean really, how dense do you have to be to NOT see the garage doors in the first place? There are 6 condos in a row, and 6 across the street. All of them look the same. ALL of them have garages and driveways. So we put the camry in the garage so it is safe, as rebecca was worried of ramifications later under the guise of darkness.

Whatever, I am over it, but I guess I am just surprised that people act the way that they do. I just hope one of the cars isn’t keyed in the next few weeks….

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