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So time has passed since I was laid off, and with that I have had more time to reflect on the entire situation, and the more I reflect, the more frustrated I get. As you will recall, my coworker and I were both laid off at 4pm on tuesday, with that very tuesday being our last day. The speech was of course that times were tight and the company had to tighten the belt financially, and due to this, my position was no longer. And, of course, the company was in no financial position to offer me anything above and beyond what I was legally entitled.

Evidently the company is in financial trouble.

But regardless of reasons, it would seem to me that if a manager/company owner was paying attention at all to his or her financial situation, there would be no reason to treat an employee like that: to lay them off at 4pm and tell them they don’t need to come in again. (funny note: as the owner was telling me that he was eliminating my position, my mind was racing. Perhaps I wasn’t paying much attention for a second, or he was mumbling. Either way, I asked if friday was my last day, or today, not really thinking he would treat me so poorly. He responded by making a bad joke about how I could come in on friday, but I was only going to be paid through the end of today. Ha ha. I never did think he had a good sense of humor.)

So I have trouble understanding how a company that was aware of its financial position could get into a situation where it would have no choice but to lay off 2 employees AT THAT MOMENT, with no warning, and no severance, nothing. While I don’t know my coworkers’ salaries, I am confident both of us were making over $50,000 no question, but we weren’t making anything like $150,000. So how are you surprised by that kind of thing? How are you thinking everything is ok, then BOOM, you need to make a decision that moment because you have no financial choice?

In my opinion, the owner’s lack of awareness of his and the company failing financial situation was the entire reason he felt he needed to handle this as he did. And while I keep thinking that I need to keep that bridge up, I am not sure why. I mean I did enjoy working there, and I liked the people, but I can’t see why I should pretend that am happy with the owner based on that.

I was in the office on thursday to pick up the last of my stuff, and Lani, the owner’s assistant, asked if I would show her how to go through the spam filter, swap the backup drives, etc. And I told her no. I told her I would answer any questions that take 30-45 seconds, but that is it. The owner told me that the company was not in a financial position to offer me anything. So it seems to be that if the owner’s company is in such financial trouble, and they are hurting so much, that they can’t afford to treat their employees with the same respect that most other companies of its caliber would, then I am certainly in no position to work for free for them. I mean I surely have significantly fewer assets then the owner, and surely significantly less cash, and thus I can’t afford to give them anything. Sure, I can consult for money, but there is no way that I am going to help them in any way, shape, or form, for free.

I realize this is a rant, and there is a good chance it is not fair, nor unbiased, but I have attempted to stick to the facts. It is just that I am extremely angered by the way the owner handled the situation. The fact is he could have offered us something. He could have given us notice. If he seriously couldn’t (which I find extremely hard to believe, based on the way he has spent money in the last 6 months), that only means he waiting too long to act, it means this should have been done last month, with some notice or severance, like any respectable company.

But to lay me off with no severance, no insurance, nothing when he is well aware that Rebecca is due in 1 month (to the day) because he was too out of touch with reality is extremely frustrating. Obviously he had no qualms treating an employee as such, so I can’t see why I would ever want to be involved with him in any way shape or form in the future, unless I am getting paid up front.

I feel he essentially burned the bridge as he sent me walking.

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  1. robs

    You frustration with how they treated you is exactly why I’m afraid for my job, but at least 10 times worse. I will never understand how people with their heads so far up their asses can manage to run a company for x number of years and make a good living without falling flat on their faces.

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