I work with a racist.

So my admittedly racist small town rural midwest raised coworker sent this to the entire office today as she left for a 3-5 day weekend…

I just wanted to leave you with some food for thought while I am out. This was on a web site that the news media picked up on. See you in a few days!
“To the heroes of Arabism and Jihad, since you are sparing no method to attack the West and you gloat as you try to kill the largest number of civilians. How would you like it if the West relieves itself of your headache by hitting you with one of its nuclear weapons. It takes only minutes and then there will be no heroes, no men and no shish kebab.”

Why must people say shit like this? It doesn’t even make sense!?! The obvious irony of using a nuclear weapon to take out a large geographical area, arguably full of civilians, in response to a group of extreme people WHO LIVE IN EUROPE…. It is just so stupid. It makes all americans look like ignorant fools.

This is the same person who thinks we should use racial profiling for anyone who isn’t clearly white, black, or hispanic, and who thinks every muslim wants to kill every westerner. The same one that thinks that while I don’t believe in god, I really DO, I just don’t know it yet and I will come around eventually.

This style of thought is doing nothing but perpetuating the very thoughts that cause many in the world to hate americans. It is just so frustrating. And so many americans are that unaware of the world outside of our borders. Of course, she does hate indians, she is so openly racist that she refers to them as “dot indians” to differentiate them from native americans.

So I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that a small town raised racist who likes to push her OWN ideology on others would decide to send such a ignorant statement to her entire office. I am just so amazed that she is that fucking stupid.

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