Oh WaMu

So we opened up some accounts at Washington Mutual a bit ago. We have 3 checking accounts, one for rebecca, one for me, and one joint. We do most out of the joint, but the personals are good to have. When the cards came, I made sure each of the identical cards we had was noted on the back to what account they went to. Mine have been fine. I know which is joint and which is personal and have had no problems.

But Rebecca kept over drafting, even though she was really confident she was using the correct card. But it seemed that she had the cards mixed up. Since the money is mostly in joint, she overdrafted the personal one… so she called WaMu and they confirmed that and said they were mixed… So we changed them… and went on with life… then the next month, she was overdrafted again… So she called WaMu AGAIN and they said oh, you were right the first time. So we told them to double check, yup, ok. So then we repeated the situation. It happens again, overdraft, we can’t figure it out… so Rebecca calls them again, they confirm it is messed up. Rebecca SHREDS the personal card (or the card he SAID was the personal card. He cancels is and sends her a NEW card that actually has the word PERSONAL embossed on it. The same day the card comes, we get a letter saying the personal account is overdrafted-AGAIN.

Sure enough, all the charges that she made AFTER she shredded the personal card were on the personal account. As far as we can tell, BOTH cards went to the personal account. Sometimes. WTF?

I need to go over there today if I can and have a chat with them. WTF. We are talking like $300 in overdraft fees now. I am VERY tempted to pull the accounts from WaMu if they don’t take care of this.

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