Oh WaMu, 2

So Rebecca wasn’t happy with their offer so she called in and complained, and rigthfully so. Funny line… the manager that I spoke with (and who opened our accounts, and who failed to get our checks out to us cause she didn’t put it in the computer, and who likely set up the debit cards incorrectly) said to Rebecca on the phone as Rebecca was laying into her “I really enjoyed working this out with your husband”, which I interpret to mean ‘but I am enjoying myself less with you’. But good for Rebecca. GO REBECCA! I feel a bit out of the loop, since Rebecca handled the situation more than I, but yeah, I think WaMu is totally responsible for the entire thing. So the manager gathered all the overdraft information from Rebecca and is going to see what she can get done by monday. Word.

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  1. You two should also demand that they compensate you for all the time the two of you spent bickering with each other about what was wrong with the cards. At a rate of minimum wage you’d probably be able to tack on at least another $100 to what they should refund you.

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