while I agree he is a freak, I can’t be mad at the decision… in fact, I am amazed it went to trial since there WAS NO EVIDENCE. Just he said she said. That prosecutor has had it out for jackson for freaking ever. Maybe next time he should get some evidence. How did a grand jury let that go to trial? It makes no sense. So you end up in court with the charge of lewd acts, but no evidence. You have a mother who has screwed large companies in the past for money… when the defense brings this up the prosecutor responds that ‘my client isn’t educated, she couldn’t have come up with this!’… yeah, cause we have never seen an uneducated person screw anyone over.

It was a horribly presented case with shitty witnesses, no physical evidence, and they are surprised they couldn’t prove anything beyond a shadow of a doubt?

Fools. The prosecutor and the DA are the idiots there.

Is he guilty? Who knows, probably. I have no real idea though. Is he weird? hellz yeah. Should he be smarter? Hellz yeah.

But that is how the legal system works. Those are the rules and the protocol.

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