So, if you are following over at the baby blog, we are sitting around the house waiting for a baby. And rebecca was watching gymnastics, and it ended. The Singing Bee has come on, and man, this show is lame.

I really don’t watch any of these ‘talent reality shows’. And I realize it is cyclic, and we are in the part of the cycle where people care about these shows. America’s Got Talent, Singing Bee, So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol, etc etc etc are all popular, and I realize that people love them, but man, they are annoying. It doesn’t help that many of them take more than one time slot a week.

I for one welcome the return of normal shows. I am sure it will happen in a few years when people get around to boredom.

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  1. robyn

    singing bee is not a talent show. it’s a game show. i’ll be happy when the game show craze is over, too. they’re all lame. oh, and fox’s version of it is a little better (at least less tone deaf), though i wouldn’t bother watching it.

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