So I had the week off of work to play with Mason and help out mom. We are figuring out the sleeping thing, the pooping thing, etc. so I should be ok by monday when it is time to go back to work.

Mason rules, but I’ll leave that to his blog… My mom made mexican spinach casserole thing and it was good, but it reminded me about how much I want to eat the tortilla casserole from cornell. That was good. I miss that. So good.

Other than that, nothing super exciting has happened. Robyn and Scott came by to visit, it was nice. Robyn was saying that babies are lots of work, and they are, but it is fun anyway. Everyone should get one! heehee

The couch came on wednesday afternoon, SO nice. It fills the room VERY well, and it is so so nice to have a place to sit. So nice. I think it looks really good. There are some pics on fotki, but they aren’t great.

Other than that, we hang out with the baby and lay low.

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