The final steps…

so the primary reason there have been so few blog posts lately is directly related to mason. While his 1st birthday was this past saturday (10/21), the party is this upcoming saturday (10/28). Since we are having 30ish people at the house for this family gathering, we have been working to get all the random projects done.

As we approach the final days, we are actually doing really well. The downstairs has received a lot of attention, and it is looking great. The den is essentially done, with all the shelves up, pictures hung, etc. I still need to fix the hanging rug, but that isn’t much. Quarter round, touch ups, etc are all done and the room is looking great. And the rug my mom found looks awesome on the floor.

The downstairs bathroom is also done, or as done as it is going to get before the party. I replaced the vinyl floor with a black granite tile, which came out good for my first time. I replaced the exhaust fan with a nicer unit that has an integrated light, which really brightens the room and looks pretty good. Mike and I replaced the existing ‘vanity’ style light bar with a nice 3 halogen unit (which took some work) and it too lights the vanity very well. I also replaced the old boring fixture with a nicer nickel one and we updated the pulls on the cabinets. Touched up the walls, swapped the shower curtain, and it is looking great. I am happy with that room. I would still like the change towel hardware and the counter top, but that isn’t happening soon.

I also cleaned out a bunch of the closet, emptying a few boxes and making space in there. I ran a piece of PVC pipe through the wall and put the linux server in the closet to keep the noise out of the den. I also moved the humming AC adaptor for the Directv splitter in there too, much nicer from a noise point of view.

In the laundry room I hung a few shelves to get the paint cans off the floor and free up some space. We also got a bar to hang the brooms, etc from the wall, and it is kinda awkward, but it works.

Ralph is supposed to do the tile this week in the foyer, and then I need to chase it with sealer and some quarter round and that room will be done. Score. That will be it for that floor for now… We need to get the VW ads on the wall in the downstairs hallway and I want a key hook of some kind, and we need to get some pics into the picture frames on the wall in the foyer, but… it is pretty much there.

Upstairs I put the transition piece in and we swapped all the drawer hardware in the kitchen. We also put roman shades in the living room as well as the wall hanging over the couch. A few touchups and it is looking great as well.

We didn’t do much on the 3rd floor. We put up the chair rail in mason’s room (looks great!) and replaced all the closet doors/bathroom cabinet hardware.

So overall, it is looking great, as so long as ralph comes through on the foyer, we are going to be looking great on saturday for the party…

After all this is done, I will take a bunch of pictures for a before and after thing. It is going to rule.

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