Stupid blog… or worked on the house all weekend, whatever.

I need to have more time that I focus on updating this blog…

over the weekend we worked on house stuff. We touched up some walls, put up shelves, put in a the hardwood stair nose, did yard work and some gardening. Rebecca’s parents came down and helped. We got stuff done.

Laundry room… cleaned cosby’s box and the washer/dryer, put down primer and then vinyl tiles. I still need to put up some more shelves, find a plumber to install a laundry sink, and I would like to put in some baseboards. Then that room would be done and I could get some more stuff put away in there.

Den… I managed to break some furniture while hanging up the screen for the projector. I also hung some more of the shelves and got the pottery put up. I need to get my mom to sew some velcro to my rung from india so I can hang that. Then hang up the elephants and clean up some more. Put in the last of the quarter round and see if that rug will work and that room will be done. I MAY want to add a small coffee table and I WOULD like a bigger screen… we’ll see.

Main floor… Rebecca’s folks worked on the touchup of the yellow paint. I installed that stair nose on the steps and hooked up the icemaker in the refrigerator. I also secured the dishwasher and put in that piece of trim there. We got more red paint, so we still need to touch up the red around there. We are looking at new drawer pulls for the kitchen, I think that would be a nice touch.

Upstairs… we trimmed the doors in mason’s room and the bathroom, touched up some of the trim.

So we still need to finish the basement bathroom, put up the light in the basement hall way, fix the ceiling fan in the bedroom, find some artwork hanging thing for the hall VW ads, etc.

The list goes on. BUT it was a VERY productive weekend, and I am feeling very good about it all. Oh, and we cleaned and took pics of the appliances, so I need to get those listed. I am eager to get that stuff out and perhaps get a car IN. That would be nice.

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