So dylan came over yesterday and we worked on the floor in the basement. I patched a some places (albeit not that well) and we laid the subfloor in the back room. I need to add the subfloor in the hallway and the closet and the subfloor will be DONE. Then it will be time to lay the actual hardwood. it will be SOOOO nice to have that done. I am thinking now that I will work on the sub floor after work a couple days this week and get that done. Then I will work on the hardwood floor on sunday of next weekend. (Audi Club Autox on saturday, last of the season!).

So that is the plan. I also need to figure out what I am doing for shelving in that room and wire routing, etc for the projector. I have ideas:

I am thinking a darker wood stain or a black shelf that runs the perimeter of the room like 16 inches below the ceiling would be cool. I would like some rope lighting up in there for ambient lighting.

But alas, more work, less time.

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