One thing that is cool about owning vs. renting is that you actually get to make decisions on stuff and then make changes.

We recently decided that we were going to spend a little money upgrading our master bathroom. I say master, because it is connected to the master bedroom, but there is little MASTER about it. It is relatively tiny and just not that awesome. It is fine for us, but it could be way nicer. So we decided that we were going to give it an overhaul. Nothing insane, no moving walls around or anything, just some new coverings. We are going to replace the vinyl flooring with tile, the fiberglass shower surround in tile, the too large vanity with a better sized one. We will also replace all the accessories, etc.

The biggest thing is the tub (no pun intended). The issue is we have a space of 60×30 for the tub, which is a standard size, but we want a deeper tub. Rebecca actually TAKES baths, so having a deeper tub would be a great improvement. BUT alot of the nicer tubs are 60×32 and that 2 inches would involve moving a door AND putting the tub REALLY close to the toilet. So we are stuck with 60×30. And finding that 60×30 tub is proving a bit of a pain. But I think I can make it all work.

In observance of earth day (and the fact that the weather was perfect) I redid the backyard yesterday. I pulled up all the old grass, tilled up the dirt, removed the 2 bushes on the side, installed the in ground sprinkler system, and laid new sod. It was hard work, but nothing too complex. And I am really happy with the result. The line for the sprinkler is under the grass, but it is not buried in the garden box. I figure we will likely redo the garden soon, and we can bury it then. And by we, I most likely mean rebecca and her mom. Or somehow involving her mom.

I really like the sprinkler system. I know, it is lame, because we don’t have the much grass. But they rule. They pop up, cover all the grass and the garden, with virtually 100% coverage and nearly zero overspray onto the patio. If is weren’t windy, you could sit there and have the sprinklers on with out worry of getting wet. One of the heads isn’t perfectly straight, and it is pissing me off. Provided it isn’t raining at the end of today, I will be out there cleaning up the yard waste, and I will try to fix it.

But yeah, owning your own place rules. Once the garden and sod are all good, I will take some pics. It will be a great yard for mason too.

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