Basement Bathroom… Day 1

So I worked on the basement bathroom today…. and I am tired…

Let me step back… when we bought this townhouse/condo whatever, there was no interior decorating at all. None. Original white walls that had 13 years of crap on them. The floors were either 13 year old cheap shitty filthy carpet or crappy 13 year old vinyl flooring. Nasty. So while I have done lots in the house, this weekend I was finally going to finish the basement bathroom. It used to look like this:

awesome huh. Gotta love that floor. So I finally got the vinyl flooring all off, which was a pain to say the least. For some reason there was a lot of glue holding that floor to the concrete beneath. I found the best solution was to score the vinyl, scrap it with a floor scraper, then use heat to get the glue and cardboard up. Those butane torches worked great, although they made the room really warm and I am sure those fumes were not good for me.

We had picked up a nice shiny black granite tile from the tile outlet down the way from fireside bowl. I had always wanted to go in there since highschool, so that is where we ended up. Today I cleaned the floor, pulled the toilet out, laid out all the tiles out as I had planned (thanks sketchup) and made all the cuts required.

Tomorrow I am going to actually mix the thinset and actually lay them. Word. Then I need to grout and seal them. All thats left in that room is a new light fixture, new faucet, some finishing touches (the walls are very bare) and I can call that room done.

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