Our thai restaurant is open!

Our preferred thai delivery place, Pot Pan used to be located on north avenue, but the building was getting torn down for condos, so they moved over to Milwaukee ave. They are actually CLOSER than they used to be to us, which is great (and surprising, since they were only 3 blocks away before, now they are barely 2 blocks. Even from the old location, most of the time they would deliver it on foot.)

They actually have been closed 5 months due in part to the move and in part to the cities 3 month delay in finishing their paperwork. In the meantime, we ordered thai from a few other places, and while they were good, we both have this whole “omg pot pan ruled” thing in our head… so I called tonight (as I have been doing every week) and I was happy to find them open again… They were very happy to be open and the woman referred to us as ‘our old customer’… so that was nice. Hopefully our memory is accurate and Pot Pan really is as good as we recall.

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