mason update

so I was thinking I need to blog more on mason more often. Time goes by too quick, and it is worth noting the stuff he does. So without further ado..

he recently discovered pointing. it rules. like in the last week or so… so you can say ‘where is mommy?’ and he’ll point at rebecca. kitty, daddy, etc. it is cool. so now he is posting at everything. it is really funny.

so big… you can go up to mason and say ‘how big is mason?’ and he’ll smile all big and put his arms up in the air. ‘so big!’. that is in the last 2-3 weeks. funny stuff.

he is still talking up a storm, not that we can’t understand most of what he is saying. But his first word was kitty. that was about a month ago I would wager. He LOVES the cat. He loves the cat, he loves the cat magnets. he loves the cats in the books. ‘kitty kitty kitty’. it rules.

he is still crawling, army crawl style. he will get up on all fours and bounce around, and will occasionally crawl around for a few steps, but then he is back to the army crawl.

he likes standing but he isn’t super good at. he can’t pull himself up, but in the last week or 3 you can pull him up and lean him against the couch, ottoman, whatever and he can stand there holding on for a little bit. and if you hold him up and walk him around, he will step. he is getting the balance thing down.

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  1. i just noticed that you can upload video on fotki. you should get footage of the army crawl and the other stuff, too. even if it’s shitty quality, you’ll be glad to have it later.

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