contractions are still happening… so we started contractions last night, but only a couple. she woke up make screaming noises and running to the bathroom. That happened at like 2:30, then again at nearly 5am, etc. We figured it was cramps or something…

My mom came down to measure the slip covers for the basement couch and I guess somewhere around 1pm rebecca was having normal recurring contractions. Rebecca and my mom headed over to target to pick up the last couple things that we didn’t already have at the house.

Around 4pm when rebecca called me at work she was a consistent 7min apart. I stopped at jewel and grabbed some garlic, vinegar, and other random things. I came home and rebecca and my mom were hanging out. The contractions were about 4:30-5 min apart and consistent, although only about 30 seconds. We got rebecca into the tub and the contractions were approaching 4 min solid, still around 30, 40 seconds.

At first rebecca was screaming and yelling with each contraction. Soon she decided that letting the contraction flow through her was both quieter and smoother. Getting in the tub appeared to make it all go a bit smoother.

While I was checking on Rebecca periodically, my mom and I (mostly my mom) cleaned out the babies room. Moved some stuff to the basement, other stuff into the closet. We got it so everything was out or put away except for the dresser and the crib (which is still not assembled).

My mom headed home and it was just rebecca and I. It is an interesting position to be the father, cause there is nothing you can really do about the situation. So I was moral support, just being in the room appears to be what rebecca wants. I can certainly do that. It is hard though to be there and also get stuff, make something to eat, grab a drink, etc.

Since this is a bit earlier than planned (nov 10 was the planned due date) we are a bit unprepared. Rebecca worked on house stuff all day yesterday, and since we didn’t sleep that well, we are both kinda tired. Great. Oh well, things never go on a schedule.

So the contractions were popping up under 4 min, and appeared to be getting a bit longer… Caroline called and while I know we are still in early labor (rebecca can walk around during a contraction) we broke down and said we would like her to come over.

So now caroline is here, which makes my life easier. And I think rebecca feels more comfortable as well. I blew up the pool and I will likely set up the crib. Gail is on her way in and when she gets here, I will run out and grab a few more things (tarp, hose, honey, etc).

Now that rebecca isn’t screaming as much, cosby is even wandering around like there is nothing going on. The babies heart rate is fine, as is rebecca’s. We are moving along quite smoothly.

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