1:39 update…

Around 12:20am when gail got here, I headed out shopping. Since we weren’t ready for such an early date, we were somewhat ill prepared. Primary things we needed were the hose, the tarp, and caroline said we needed honey. I went out and about and ended up at dominicks. They had honey. So while I was going to fill the pool via hose, I used large tuperwares. And the plastic that was already on the floor will have to do. Thankfully I started on the crib and we had lots of cardboard.

Rebecca has fully given up on the noises and is pretty much breathing and waving her arms in a circular motion. While it sounds odd, it appears to be working quite well for her and she is getting through each contraction nicely.

When I returned from shopping, I was informed that the contractions have slowed a bit and we are at 6-7 min between each one. Very nice as it gives Rebecca a chance to rest. I have the pool nearly 1/2 way full and as soon as the water heater gets back in the mix, I will finish it off.

It is still odd that there is so little I can personally do, but we appear to be progressing quite nicely.

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