I swear I will go kick each and every one of you that don’t vote.

Seriously. Vote.

And PLEASE, vote for the candidate you WANT TO WIN, NOT AGAINST THE ONE YOU DON’T WANT!

The more I think about it, the more I hate the 2 party system, as it forces people to only vote for 2 candidates. I mean SURE you can write in, but that is not a good alternative. And yes, the green party made the ballot in IL this year, and that is awesome.

But the idea of ‘throwing your vote away’ or voting for the ‘lesser of 2 evils’ is not actually going to CHANGE anything really. It won’t ever break our 2 party system. It won’t ever really bring about any change.

So go out. Vote for the candidates YOU want. The candidates that best align with YOUR beliefs.

For IL governor…

Rod, topinka… or consider the green party candidate, Rich Whitney… or the libertarian candidate, Mark McCoy … or the Constitution candidate, Randy Stufflebeam.

There are options. Your candidate might not win. But if you ever want to see any change, why not vote for the person you WANT? If enough people actually paid attention to the issues and voted for the person they liked the best, imagine what could happen. Oh, and you are going to need to review the candidates EACH ELECTION! Party lines DO change over time.

So go vote.

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