theatre review of Queen Lucia

Last night Rebecca and I attended lifeline Theatre’s production of Queen Lucia. It was directed by Frances Limoncelli, who is the wife of friend and co worker Ben. Thus we got to see it before the official opening. Knowing people is cool.

We went because we wanted to support our friends, we got a good price on the tickets, and theatre is fun. I will admit that at first, a musical about 20s English society by a small theatre group had both great potential (my love of Virginia Woolf spiked my interest in this topic) and, at the same time, potential to be boring. No offense intended, I just wasn’t sure I was going to like it. Just being honest. I was very pleasantly surprised. It started quickly and held my attention all the way.

Those of you that have ever been to a movie with me, or in fact any place where I am expected to sit still for any length of time will, will attest that the above statement is equivalent to a rave review. The singing was really quite good. The music was upbeat and flowed well with the story. The set worked very well, especially since it is a smaller theatre with no ability to change anything mid show.

The story… small town… little fish in a smaller pond is the center of the social circle… an opera singer moves into town, and suddenly the old ‘queen’ of town is usurped. It was a good story to begin with, and actually was a great transition to a musical, as we all know it doesn’t always work.

The character development was a real gem here. You felt the pain of Lucia during her up and downs. You saw the feelings of the other people in town showing throw. Of course Lucia and Olga both did an amazing job with this, and there was no stretching of the imagination to follow it, nor did it feel as if either character was going out of their way to make it clear. It flowed well. I also thought Daisy did a great job of conveying her emotions and feelings. I really enjoyed the characters.

Overall, I thought it was great, and I sure, I would have said that since friends are involved either way, but I was actually really surprised at how much I liked it. I would have really liked it even if some complete strangers did it. Overall, I would suggest it to any number of friends looking for a nice little theatre outing.

Queen Lucia will be at the lifeline Theatre in Roger’s Park now through July 24th. A definite hit.

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