The South….

So we went to a Semester At Sea friend’s wedding in the mountains of North Carolina. We drove down on friday, wedding on saturday, and drove back sunday. The drive was fine, but the south is weird. I had never actually BEEN to the south aside from the Audi trips to APR in Alabama. Confederate Flags, lots of white white white people. And just overall weirdness. I am not sure I can place my finger on it, but I didn’t really feel comfortable. The landscape was really quite pretty, but I can’t handle a dude in a tshirt with a confederate flag on it with the words “preserve our heritage” below that. To me that just screams racism. I am so glad I didn’t have to live there or through that in my life. I don’t think I will take too many other trips to that part of the country. I mean the primary reason I hadn’t been there in the past was my impression that it was going to be weird and I wasn’t going to like it, so that was supported by my time there. Perhaps one could argue it was a self fulfilling prophecy… Perhaps. But I don’t care to explore it much more at this time in my life.

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