The Gym…

So last night I hit up the gym with bob… I think it was the first time since we were pregnant with Mason that I went… I was a bit apprehensive, but I had a good time. I walked up to the one on webster, which is ~1.35 miles each way. It was REALLY crowded, as it always is in january as people go to work off the holiday weight and fulfill their new years resolutions (ableit short lived). It always dies down in february.

Anyway… bob and I worked chest and back did 30 minutes of cardio. Then I walked back home. It was super nice to get back in there and feel less like a lazy slob. It was also great to hang out with bob, as we haven’t hung out as much lately.

I am thinking I am going to try and make it a monday night thing. It would be good to have that on the schedule again. I would like to get rebecca there too, but she won’t be lifting too much weight, being pregnant and all.

But I am feeling good today, a bit sore, but good. Good sore. Tomorrow might be a killer though, we’ll see.

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