Secret Santa….

So my little office did a secret santa thing… I drew the name of Mr Kiss… we had also all written little short lists of things we wanted. The limit was $25. Mr. Kiss made a normal list of a couple books that he wanted. A couple of the rest of us had made lists of dorky things. I had put on my list things like a robot, a helper monkey, etc.

After that, Mr. Kiss went back and added a couple dorky things to his list, one of which was a transporter beam between Chicago and Cleveland, as he has family in Cleveland and he often travels between the two locations.

I decided that I wanted to be witty and make something… so Monette got me some butcher paper and I made a ‘transporter’ beam and taped it to the wall in his office. Upon seeing it, Ysidra and Melissa chimed in and a little bit later, and some a tin foil later, we had a much cooler ‘transporter’, as well as a ‘hat’ and a ‘wand’.

This morning, when Mr. Kiss got to work, we were all there and pictures were taken. He laughed. It was funny. Goal accomplished.

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