not that I am big on resolutions, but I am working on a few things lately:

1) Keep the blogs more up to date, especially the baby one. Time passes quicker now with a kid, so I need to keep track of the baby things. And with the second one coming, I want to keep track of it better. When rebecca writes in the baby books, we often look at the blogs and the fotki albums for indicators on the dates. So the better records I keep, the more on top of it all we will be.

2) Get to work on time. Not that my coworkers care, but I tend to come in around 9:30-10am. That is fine, except that means I get home around 6pm. If I get in earlier, I will obviously leave earlier. And get home earlier. I am not spending that much of the AM time being productive, or spending quality time with the family, so I may as well reduce it. It is not like mason lets us sleep much later than 730a ANYWAY, so I am trying to get out the door a bit after 8a. So far so good (I started last week)

3) Energy usage. I am trying to use less energy when possible. I have swapped most of the light bulbs to the low wattage florescent ones and I am making a pic effort to turn things off when I leave the room. Also, as rebecca will attest, I am way into the gas mileage that the Camry gets (which is really good btw, I can get high 30s/low 40s on the expressway, driving nicely). I will still waste gas at the track, etc, but I will still attempt to offset it in other ways. We’ll see how much more I can do. I would love to reduce the electricity usage in the house more. Not that our bill is high, but none the less. I am also going to try to take the bus more and walk more to and from work.

4) Take better care of myself. Primarily food intake and exercise. I eat enough bad food, so I am trying to eat healthier. And I really don’t exercise much, so I am trying to get more on that. This is also a continuation of what I have been doing for a few months, so it isn’t NEW per se, but…

So we’ll see how those work out for 2007.

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