peanut shells are good..

So I am at work, and my boss has some people in the office from out the town… so I am dressed a bit nicer than usual. Around 11:45 or so, my boss’s personal assistant comes up to me and asks me if I want to go to the cubs game today, and I assume she means to accompany my boss. I told her if he wanted me to, I would. She then tells me she has 4 tickets, not sitting with my boss, and if I or my friends can use them that would be great.

So basically, here are 4 tickets, free parking, and I would like you to leave work to make this 1:20 game. ummmmm sure?

So I hit up harper and michael on IM and we are off. Now non of use are huge baseball fans, but you can’t beat the price (free) and the seats were great. So we had nachos and pretzels and smoothies and peanuts with the shells and shit as we watched the cubs lose to the Brewers. And we weren’t at work. The weather was great too. Can’t beat that.

Thanks Boss!

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