New Glasses

So since we had flex spending money left to spend, I went and got new glasses. Found an office near the house (1.5 blocks) and in our insurance network… headed over, got the eyes checked and got new glasses. My eyes are fine, and my prescription hasn’t changed much, which is good, especially since my last appointment was in like 2001 or something.

So then I did the whole get new frames thing… which sucks when your vision is -6 and you have astigmatism, cause that roughly means I have to sit about 6 inches from the mirror to see what the frames look like, which isn’t a great way to pick frames… so I had Rebecca come over to the shop and look with me… I ended up with a slightly trendier pair of glasses than I am used to, but that is fine. I am excited. They should be here in the next week.

Insurance covered most of the glasses, so it makes me think I should get new glasses each year. That would be cool.

The other nice thing is the new ones won’t be sporting the cool crack that my current ones have.

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