movie review: Lars and the Real Girl

So we saw Lars and the Real Girl last night… It was actually pretty good… We had seen a segment on HBO’s Real Sex a few years ago about the company that makes the Real Dolls, and it was honestly kinda crazy. The movie follows this dude who has social issues, and one day he starts toting this doll around as if she is a real person that can talk and whatnot. So all the people around him actually play along with it. I enjoyed it. Obviously not a ‘big screen required’ kinda movie… but it was enjoyable. I would recommend it.

Side note… I hate it when websites don’t use title and meta tags correctly… for example… google the title… the top 3 include the IMDB page, the trailer on, and then the ‘official’ site… which has a title of ‘Lars and the Real Girl – Coming Soon’ … which is dumb, since the movie is already released, and the site itself acknowledges that. Then the lack of meta tags on the page combined with the fact that the page is entirely flash means there is actually NOTHING to show on the google description. Seriously, really?

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