man, am I excited to go to work…

since friday, I have been painting. Every wall, ceiling, closet, trim, bathroom, etc has been painted. Empire installed carpet today. We found an craigslist ad for a dishwasher, stove, fridge, and microwave for $600. All GE Profile. All 4 years old. All nicer than our 12 year old stuff. Actually, our dishwasher is nicer than theirs. So I got those upstairs with the help of Kevin. So I have extra appliances. Hopefully I can sell them for $300 and upgrade for a net of $300.

I think I also found some hardwood at a good price. I will know more this weekend. It will be nice. Good price. From the people we bought the paint from. It should rule.

But I am so sick of painting that I am thrilled to be going to work. Sure, I need to pull up carpet. And lay some plywood in the downstairs. And pull off trim. And put up trim. And shave the doors. And and and and. This house stuff is hardcore. But it rules. I’ll have more pics soon. Night and day.

I also met my neighbors. They seem nice.

Big thanks to the parents.

I am tired. Working is hard.

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  1. Michael

    So much for serious inquiries only. You probably ruined that guys day. He was all like, “wifey, we finally got a serious inquiry for our 4 appliances that we advertised on Craig’s list, now we can finally afford to buy little Jimmy clothes so that he can finally leave the basement and attend school… what’s this? another e-mail from my serious inquirer? oh no she says she was in fact, not serious and it was all a mistake! Go back in the basement Jimmy!”

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