I feel like such an adult…

So Rebecca, her brother Jon and I went to the movies last night. We saw Nacho Libre and it was funny. It wasn’t AWESOME or anything, but I was amused. If you like jack black, you’ll enjoy it.

It was funny cause we actually hired a BABYSITTER! How old are we. A coworkers daughter came over and watch mason. Mind you, she got there after mason was already asleep, so it wasn’t that she had to do much aside from hang out and make sure the house didn’t burn down. It is just odd to think I have to hire a babysitter. Funny shit.

My toe hurts. I cut it a while ago, like over a month ago if not 2 months, and it is beginning to not feel right. The skin was kind rough, like it was flaky or something, I dunno. But today it is annoying as my other toe rubs against it when I walk. I guess I should find a doctor. Weird.

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