grumble grumble…

so I was at work on thursday, and did a bunch of stuff, and went into my boss’s office and updated him on some projects. Then the following:

me: do you have a problem with my taking wed, thurs, and friday off next week?
boss: no
me: I didn’t want to bring it up until I got this stuff all done, since these were things I wanted completed before hand.
boss: yeah

so I was like wooot. done! then friday afternoon… boss pokes his head in as he is leaving…

boss: see you next week
me: well, I’ll see you after that, per our conversation yesterday
boss: well, per my answer yesterday.
me: well, I asked ‘do you have a problem with me taking those days off’-
boss: and I said yes.
me: oh, ok, I guess I’ll see you wednesday.
boss: see you wednesday

the issue is two fold. First, I am positive he said no. But he probably wasn’t giving me full attention, and I probably should have phrased it differently. But the larger problem is I have this feeling like my boss thinks I am never getting enough stuff done, which I find extremely frustrating. I would be able to blow it off if I spent my time screwing around, but I actually work all day. Sure, I screw around here and there, but it doesn’t exceed the amount of time the average person takes on smoke/coffee breaks, say a total of 30 min in an 8 hour work day. And I usually work more than 8 hours/day. Not to mention the time I spent NOT at work going through the company SPAM, checking the server logs, making sure the backups ran, etc.

So where is the issue? I spend my time working, and I get things done, but the boss is still not happy. Next step? Well, I attempted to make a todo list and prioritize it so that I would better meet his expectations, but that failed. I mean I still use the todo list, and I think it is a great tool. The issue is I can’t get the boss to give the list any attention. He won’t look at it with me, he won’t participate in it, he won’t add to it, and he won’t prioritize it. When I ask him to give a hierarchy to the items, his answer is always ‘they are all priority number 1’. Awesome. I usually respond something like ‘I understand that, but I have 4 hours left in the day, what would you like me to start on first’. To which he typically responds with his speech on multitasking. As if I don’t multitask.

His speech is usually something like ‘well, when the computer is loading, you can be doing something else, like putting those widgets on ebay.’ That would make total sense if I ever spent more than 45 seconds watching a progress bar do something. But honestly, it is hard to switch gears to another project when you are talking about 30-60 seconds of down time. So I just have to guess at the priority list myself, and hope that is what he is thinking. I presume I am at 50%, but that would be hard to gauge, since the only feedback I get seems to be the boss asking me if the OTHER things are done. I mean we have talked about things, I will go do project A and walk in to tell him that is done, and it would have been done in a appropriate amount of time. And he will say something like ‘ok good. Did you finish project B yet?’ And I’ll be thinking… ummm, 10 minutes passed, and I did project A in 10 minutes, which was fast, and you seem to think that I should have done project A AND B in 10 minutes?…

Grumble grumble grumble.

So frustrating. He doesn’t really read emails from me, and it seems he rarely wants to discuss things with me.

I think it is time to move on to another thing. I don’t need a boss that doesn’t appreciate me. I know that I am working hard, and I think that overall, our office does well. We are virus free and have been for years. Email is never down for more than a couple hours. I can’t recall the last time the office work was disrupted for more than 1 hour. I have VPN running, webmail, mobile devices, etc. People can work from home. We have backups and I can restore files very quickly. We have never had a catastrophic loss since I have been in control. Not to mention I have made some excel sheets that have greatly improved the business flow of the staff and have caught many an error that otherwise could have slipped through the cracks. Not to mention I am now an ebay wiz, since we are constantly selling things, and we almost ALWAYS get more money than the average ebay transaction.

So yeah, grumble grumble grumble.

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