First time for everything…

So perhaps you chicagoans may have heard in the news the story about an 80 year old man on the south side that was murdered in a home robbery gone wrong… well that was Rebecca’s Dad’s cousin, Bob (Robert Winter if you want to google news him). Apparently, Bob was in the basement, and this dude (Darius Bailey, 20) was walking by and noticed the back door was open… so he went in and started ransacking the place… well, then Bob came up from he basement and was all wtf and they got into a struggle. Supposedly Darius grabbed an electrical cord, strangled Bob, then tied him up, and finished going through the house. He took Bob’s checkbook and car.

Meanwhile, the Dolton police put out an area bulletin thing to be on the lookout for this Darius guy for an unrelated robbery, and a detective happened to notice Darius walking down the street. So he pulls up to Darius, talks to him, and finds Bob’s checkbook on his person. Bob’s car is also like 50 feet away. So the officer starts to take Darius in and sends another officer over to Bob’s house, just to check on him. The other officer finds Bob dead in the front room, cords still around his neck, under a blanket.

So Darius confesses on videotape for the crime and bail has been denied.

Kinda nuts really. This is the first person I have ever personally known that was murdered. And over something so dumb. Bob lived in a modest home and drove an older Chevy Cavalier. He wasn’t flashy or anything. It was just a fluke that this dude chose the house. And wtf why would you KILL an old man? You think you would just run when confronted like that. Now Darius, 20 years old) is going to go to prison for quite a while, over what? He didn’t GET anything, a crappy car and a checkbook?

Stupid decisions abound. It is crazy. We were just there a few months ago for his 80th birthday. Messed up. His memorial service is this afternoon. I could have SWORN I had a picture from his birthday somewhere, but I can’t seem to find them.

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