We got up early and left by 930 to go to the Samoa Cookhouse. In Samoa, this cookhouse was used back in the logging days to feed all the loggers. Large, long tables and one big cooking area are trademarks. They cook one meal and it is all you can eat. For us it was biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, pork sausage, toast, and hash browns. Also included is orange juice and coffee. It was pretty good. They also have a bunch of pictures from the late 1800s to mid 1900s logging stuff. At the time there were cutting down the redwoods. Which is too bad really, but I am sure at that point in time they were thinking about it from a save the environment, old growth kinda way but rather a holy shit these trees are huge kinda way.

After breakfast Caroline headed out to a prenatal appointment and Rebecca and I drove around Samoa for a bit. Not that there is much to see, but there are a bunch of little, old houses on the peninsula there, presumably they belonged to the loggers families back in the day. I like old stuff. You can still see the old train tracks that were at one point FULL of train cars… cool.

Then we headed down the peninsula and eventually caught back up with the town. We stopped at the babby resale shop and Rebecca bought Mason some clothes. We got back on the 101 and continued south to Fernbridge/Fern-something… Fernbridge is a birdge that is ~100 years old and actually pretty cool looking. Although narrow and has poor visibility… evidently CalTrans wanted to tear it down some years ago and it created quite an uphevel… when you are on the bridge it doesn’t look that interesting, but it is pretty from most other angles.

Fernsomething, the town, is a cute little town that has a nice little downtown stretch with shops, etc. Some old painted lady buildings, an old theatre, etc. We walked up and down it and poked our head in the shops…. Rebecca found the A-You’re Adorable book and bought 2… and she found another pair of shoes. It is the kinda of downtown that is totally cute and you can walk around it, but has lots of tourists, for better or worse.

From there we headed out the 5 miles to the ocean, and since the weather was still nice and sunny, we went out onto the beach and I tried to fly the kite. If you recall, Rebecca got me one of those 2 string kites, and I was really excited to be able to use it. The learning curve is kind of steep, but I was getting the hang of it… the first hard part is getting it up in the air… you unwind all the string, with the kite laying on its back… when the lines are taut, pull it up so it is aiming at the sky, rocketship style… and pull back and down… and up it will go… It took me a few times to get that going… partially cause I didn’t realize you needed to be standing a certain way based on the direction of the wind… partially because I kept getting the lines tangled… partially because I would set it all up, and while I was walking away from it to tighten the lines… the wind would move the kite…. There were a few times I would get the kite up in the air, only to not be quick enough with the next step, which is steering the kite… so I would get it up there, be all excited, only to not pay enough attention and have it loop down into the ground. Doh. But there were a couple times it was up there for a little bit of time… It was cool. But since Mason and Rebecca weren’t having as much fun watching and helping, I packed it up…

We headed back up to Arcata and met Caroline at Ramone’s as she was getting ready to close up shop… we decided to make dinner and as Caroline was finishing up, Rebecca and I went and got some lentils for dinner. Unbeknownst to me, you can cook lentils in the rice cooker. It makes sense, I just didn’t realize it. We put mason to bed as Caroline made a dinner of lentils, greens, and salad. It was pretty good, albeit a bit bland, but it was another reminder that you can eat healthy and cheap without much work. I think most of the greens if not all came from the garden here at the farm.

We hung out for a bit, jump started Dulce’s car and I drove it around a bit to make sure it had a chance to charge the battery. We chatted a while in the main house and then eventually went off to bed.

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