Day 3…

This morning rebecca got up and ended up in the main house with caroline for a while while I got to sleep in a tiny bit. It ruled, I like sleeping, and I was really pretty tired. After I got up and ready to go, we ran to target and I got a bathing suit, then we went up to downtown arcata and were planning on going to the crepe place, but there were a bunch of people waiting, as it was sunday AM brunch time… so went 3 doors up to the Golden Harvest.

There slogan was something like ‘carnivore or herbivore, we have you covered’, and it was true. As a vegetarian, I am used to having like 3 or 4 options on a menu from which to choose, which makes life simpler…At Golden Harvest, there really were many more options, as they had tofu/sietan/fake whatever stuff for nearly everything. It was a bit crazy to find what I wanted… I ended up with a breakfast sandwich, 2 eggs on sourdough toast with tofu bacon, avocado, and tomato… it was pretty good. I agree with dylan, fake bacon is good. And that was hardly something that I couldn’t make at home… I’ll have to get on that… We also ordered nacho french fries, which I actually enjoyed more than the sandwich. Oh, and I got hashbrowns with the sandwich…I always think I want hashbrowns, and then they come and they are so greasy that I know I won’t feel good later with all that grease sitting in me so I don’t eat them. I should have gotten a different side.

After lunch, we headed up to Blue Lake to the fiddler thing… not too far up the road was blue lake, (think 6 miles?) and oddly enough, the weather went from cloudy to sunny in those six miles, as well as got warmer. We parked, got mason ready… which was funny because he spit up so we changed him and while caroline was changing his diaper he peed all over… thankfully the car remained clean, as did caroline, but mason and his little changing pad got all wet. Thankfully, that has yet to happen to me. (knock on wood).

We went past the little craft fair and headed over to where they were playing the fiddle… we watched that a bit and met Dan, Philip, Emma, and Roxy (philip and emma’s baby). We hung out there for a bit, and when I thought I couldn’t take much more fiddling, we headed up to the river. The river was a normal mountain river with lots of rocks and a river that sets a new course each year. With the sun, the water was really a nice temperature. We changed into our bathing suits and fjorded the river… then we walked upstream a bit and found a nice swimming hole and swam and hung out for a while. For the most part it was rebecca, mason, caroline, dan, and myself, although philip and emma and roxy showed up a bit later.

We headed back to the car and headed to a mexican restaurant for dinner. Oddly enough, it was the same mexican joint that rebecca and I had stopped at when were were coming back from oregon a few years ago, and it sucked this time too, we just forgot about it… I ordered a bean and cheese burrito, a cheese enchilada, and a chile relleno…oddly enough, the chili relleno came and looked a lot like a cheese enchilada… when I told the guy that this is not a chile relleno, the conversation well went kinda like this, when he came with only a bean burrito and what appeared to be a cheese enchilada:

dude: everything ok?
me: ummm, I think I am missing the chile rellano
dude: what did you order?
me: chile relleno, cheese enchilada, and a bean and cheese burrito
dude: oh, they must have not gotten the cheese enchilada, I’ll go put the order in now
me: you mean chile relleno
dude: no, that is the chile rellano
me: no, this isn’t
dude: trust me, it is
me: a chile rellano is a pepper stuffed with cheese, battered and fried
dude: we don’t do the deep frying thing, we start with a block of cheese, put canned chiles on it, wrap it in floor and bake it. look at his :point to dan’s plate, who evidently had a chile relleno too, as it I were going to be convinced because they made it wrong twice?: there are chiles in there
me: really? ok I guess…

And it was exactly as he had described… which is to say, as far as I am concerned, wrong. Oh well. I think we came to the same conclusion we had last time we ate there, this place sucks. Oh well.

We went back to the house, changed clothes, and headed out to the marsh to walk around. We loaded mason up in the kelty backpack and hiked around. He seemed to like it, and it wasn’t hard on me at all. Caroline was teaching us about various plants that all look alike: poison hemlock, queen anne’s lace, and yarrow… Evidently, yarrow is neutral… poison hemlock will kill you… and queen anne’s lace, when you eat enough of the seeds, will prevent your egg from implanting and thus keep you from getting getting pregnant. Not that we are sure on what % sucessful that is, or how much to eat, nor are we positive about how it works, but there you go. So now we know which random white flooring plants to eat and which to avoid. Although I have already forgotten which is which. So I will just avoid eating random white flowering plants altogether.

The other thing we learned is that the George Allen Marsh here in arcata is ACTUALLY a natural sewage treatment plant. Awesome! That would explain why, in certain places on the hike, it smelled like shit. Evidently, from an ecological point of view, this particular facility is very impressive, or so we were told. Personally, I was more impressed by the fact that they were able to take a useless marsh, make it more useful by making it a treatment plant, BUT THEN make it a place where people want to walk around in. Amazingly enough, I have never considered a waste treatment plant a place where I would want to hike, but hey, it worked. Good for them! It wasn’t even that bad, aside from the occasional aroma problems.

By the time we got back to the car, it was dark so we headed home and off to bed…We were in bed before 11, which was nice, as we got to catch up on some sleep…

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