Day 2….

We woke up this AM at the Day’s Inn, and mason was up bright and early for god knows what reason… I ended up feeding him and eventually put one of his DVDs in the laptop and put him in front of it. It was funny though because I put the laptop on a chair, and put him in his car seat in front of the chair (on the floor). I went back to bed (since it was WAY too early…) rebecca and I awake a bit later to mason making noise, just normal noises, no distress kinda noise… and we look over and Mason had squirmed out of the car seat onto the floor and was sitting there on his belly. Odd…

I was also excited to find that the hotel had free internet, which was nice, gave me a chance to grab me email… needless to say, there was nothing that exciting.

We stopped in town before we got on the expressway at Ellie’s Mutt Hutt and Vegetarian Cafe. I had an openfaced sandwich which was essentially 1 inch thick cornbread with some black beans and sour cream and cheese on it. Although good, I found it lacking in flavor. It was just bland… nothing that a little bit of seasoning or a healthy dose of salsa wouldn’t have fixed, but whatever. Rebecca had a chicken and pasta salad.

We hit the road and drove up towards arcata… there were a number of places where the road narrows and winds through the red woods, which made me glad that we hadn’t tried to do the entire drive on friday night… between me being tired, the wallowly suspension on the Magnum, that darkness, and the narrow winding roads, I would not have been too happy. Not to mention it was just prettier during the day. I was trying really hard to NOT push the car in an attempt to see how good of gas mileage I would muster…(I later found that, when I filled up the tank, we had only averaged ~21mpg. Weak).

We made it into arcata and headed over to Ramone’s Bakery where caroline works… She wasn’t getting off of work until 5 so we had a snack there and headed over to the Coop to get some baby food for mason (since I wouldn’t allow us to buy an extra food at walmart). We picked up some baby food, some fruit, and I got some vegetarian beefless beef jerky. We got gas and as the tank filled, I watch a crunchy granola hippy and her toddler pick up change off the sidewalk and wander around the parking lot. awesome.

We headed back to the bakery and although it was 5, and the bakery was closed, people kept coming up to the door and actin all confused, since we were sitting in there but the door was looked. PART of the problem is while they have an OPEN sign, they have no CLOSED sign… and the hours are not posted on the door… thus the absence of an open sign is the only indicator that the store is in fact closed. Not such a good plan.

While waiting I was reading the arcata eye, which had a number of interesting reads. The main headline was about a bike trail that was being built by the local group of bikers along with the proper and normal city and municipal groups. A good story, but it was poorly written. For some reason the author really enjoyed using “-” to interrupt his own story… but he would do it like 2-3 times in a sentence, making it difficult to read. A headline below the fold on the front page said “Oh Boy-A Real City Council Election”. Ok. I flipped to the back page to read more on the bike trail article and found a great people piece where they talked about these 2 teenage girls (sub 18) that were hanging out on the plaza. ‘Sure some kids hang out in front of Hot Topic in the Bayside Mall, but Tina Jones and Ellen Johnson are hanging out on the arcata plaza in a old refrigerator box that they found, sharing some led zepplin (or something equally as lame for a 15 girl to be listening too) on an ipod. They informed us that they WOULD be recycling the box when they were through with it’. And the picture accompaniying the blurb literally was of the 2 girls, laying on the ground, half in a refrigerator box, listening to an iPod, just as described. It so reminded me of the local teenagers in mount vernon who were SO trendy-ish. Oh college towns.

We followed caroline back to her house and got settled. The apartment Doulcee (sp?) has is a very nice space… It is the top of the barn that has been converted to living space… While just a wide open space, it has all the trappings of home, including a cat named Frita. The bathroom is actually downstairs, not much unlike my wabansia house. The land itself is like 20 acres, albeit narrow and deep. There is the barn where we are staying, and then the main house. I guess Sam (the owner) build the main house himself. It has an open main floor with a kitchen and living room area, and 4 bedrooms and 2 baths upstairs. He has some cows, some sheep, a lamb, some geese, 2 peacocks, and lots of plants. He also has self contained sewage and solar power that gets them most of their electricity. They aren’t off the grid per se, but they are getting there. It is interesting.

We had dinner with caroline, Sam, and Beth. Caroline made a great meal that was like a stir fry on rice. I forgot how easy and awesome rice is. We need to get back on that. We also had boiled artichokes, and we dipped the leaves into vegan mayo, which was outstanding. We ended up putting mason to bed and we hung out for a bit at the main house and chatted. We eventually made it to bed…

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