So Rebecca and I have determined that Wednesday night is thenew ‘date night’. First we went to flying saucer for dinner, on California just south of Division. This was where I went for breakfast with Chad and Bob and Jeff when they were in town. It has a good vegetarian selection and the food has been really good both times. Prices are also decent. We had pierogis as an appetizer which were good (although not homemade, but that is fine). I had the vegetarian tacos, which was seitan chorizo and mashed potatoes with normal taco stuff. Quite good. Rebecca had the special which was some chicken and stuff. Total bill was $27 with tip (I am a heavy tipper). Great food.

Then we went over to the AMC River East and saw Proof. It was recommended to me by my Audi friend Alan, who worked on the film as the Director Of Photography for the Chicago Second Unit. He said he worked on lots of the exterior Chicago footage (the interior work was done in the UK) and worked directly with John Madden.

Overall I thought the movie was very good. I would give it 4 stars. To me that means I enjoyed it a great deal, but not so much that I would buy the DVD or anything. But I rarely buy DVDs or rewatch movies, so 4 is pretty good. I would recommend it to my family and friends. It has math humor, which I like. The time line moves around a bit, and you can see how it was a play in its original form, but the adaptation to screen was fine. The acting was good, although I am not sure I would have cast Jake Gyllenhaal based on his appearance and that I think of him perhaps in Day After Tomorrow and Bubbleboy, but whatever. He did fine. Gwyneth Paltrow did a very nice job as well, as did Anthony Hopkins. Overall a good movie, and a nice date night.

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