this is getting out of hand really. Seriously. WAY out of hand. People are protesting and burning and rioting over some cartoons. Seriously. Get a grip.

It is nice to see though that all organized religions have giant hypocrisies in certain circles. Catholic churches and child molestation, Islam and the recent violence. Cheating, lying, whatever I guess.

Good to see people still can pick and choose what parts of their ‘religion’ that they choose to follow.

by no means I am stating that all people do this or that or anything, so relax. It is more a comment that people claim strong beliefs, and will allow that to dictate SOME of their behavior, but not all of it. How people can claim one aspect as law, but not others. Catholics think gay is bad, but shell fish was just a fad. Ok. Commandments say do not lie, but it is ok on taxes. Don’t covent your neighbors stuff, but it is ok to ‘keep up with the joneses’ in our materialistic US culture. Ok. Whatever.

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