Cartoons aren’t always funny….

So as I follow the whole cartoon->fire thing… I learn more.

But let me interrupt myself and talk about newsvine. A friend of mine got me on it. Premise is 2 fold. One, it has a whole bunch of AP wire stories. They all have tags. People can vote up a story. You can see what stories are voted up the most. You can comment on them, etc. Cool. The second (cooler) part is people like me or you can find a story online, be it a blog entry, press release, other news outlet whatever… and ‘seed’ it on the newsvine site. You basically can bring a no name story into the limelight so to speak. So that is what I did with here. You can click “read the article” to see the article I am referring to.

So the article basically talks about the issue at hand, but with a much different perspective and answers a number of questions that I didn’t even know enough to ask. Well worth the read, as it is a much better perspective than many of the other news sources.

It also is a great example of the newsvine idea in action. If you want an invite, let me know, I think I have a couple.

It also brings up the point that although we have a free press, we are limited to what the mainstream press presents to us, what ‘facts’ they bring up, and what they deem important, as that all controls what we determine to be true in the world. Sure we don’t have a government controlled press, but sometimes I am not sure I like those that do control it….

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