windows vista.

so my boss got a new laptop and surprise to me, it had vista business on it. Sure, we are not prepared to deal with vista machines, but whatever. Anyway. So I am setting it up for him, and I am not impressed by any means. It is a Core 2 Duo with 2gb RAM and it is still slow. SLOW. Using a SLOWER cpu on my macbook, I was expecting more. And it appears to be a lame update in that it seems to be all fluff. All pretty and less speed. XP feels faster.

And evidently it is a huge moneymaker to install every app in the world on the machine, because it seems there are 40+ installed demos and trials and whatnot. Awesome. And needless to say, no install CD/DVD where I could REINSTALL it without all that crap. Great.

Perhaps I am spoiled in my OSX world. Such it is.

Feature wise, it is close to my macbook. intel core duo, 2gb RAM, 160gb HDs, both have cameras, etc. I will say when you are used to a slot load, the flimsy trays are not impressive.

Oh well. Whatchagonnado.

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  1. Scott

    Ill admit after a while you get used to vista and want nothing to do with XP… cause its ugly… but there is nothing technically about vista I like over XP. Im ready to go back to OSX full time.

    Dunno if you noticed yet but vista takes a minimum of nearly 10gigs for the install. Or at least it does with ultimate and there is no way to slim that down during the install process. so annoying.

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