So I finally stepped into the future and got a new phone…

Back in the day, I got a nokia 3650 and I liked it. Symbian was good. But times have changed. There was a time when I had full internet on my symbians, and I could read email and all that. The web was merely acceptable… but it was ok for the time… which was years ago…

A couple years ago I decided that I wasn’t traveling or commuting very much, so I really only needed a phone, not much more. Then I left the other job and started mk2 development and I am spending more time caring about things that I was ignoring outside of 9-5, so I decided I needed a new phone.

When the iPhone came out, I was excited, but the lack of unlocking and the lack of 3rd party apps was a problem. Time fixed that, and I finally picked one up the other day, an 8gb iPhone.

Having a decent web browser is nice. Having real time email is great. Being able to do most of the stuff I do on the internet whereever is nice. I won’t bother with a big review, since chances are you have heard of this iPhone thing. Suffice to say that while it doesn’t do everything I want, it is close and the things I miss are probably possible or will be soon.

Things I would like:

an easy way to ftp into a server, edit an html/php file, and save it. I would prefer not to have to ssh in and use vi or anything. I just want to be able to make a minor changes to webpages on the road if needed.

decent task manager. Why apple can’t sync todos with their other apps (iCal) is beyond me.

I am sure there are others, but I can’t think of them now…

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