people are weird…

so apple releases a new mouse… I am kinda excited, cause it seems cool. It seems to me that apple has taken a normal, accepted item, and made it better. I like it. Mind you, I use a laptop 90% of the time and don’t really ever plug a mouse into it.

But still, everyone I sent the link to ragged on it. It isn’t bluetooth. The buttons are gonna suck. I can’t believe they would release a non wireless mouse. This this that that. Why is it everyone jumps down on the negatives? Do I just have pessimistic friends? I mean the mouse has a few really cool things. That scroll wheel on the top is dope. The pressure sensitive buttons are cool. And still everyone gets hung up on one thing and writes it off.

Mind you, some people really need 1 feature (or think that they MUST have it) and that influences them…. but man, everyone just dogged the hell out of it and that was that. I don’t even think most of them read the entire feature list. They were all just done with it.

Oh well. People have made up their minds, and it really makes no difference to me if anyone else likes it, but sometimes I get sucked into the negativity and I want to fight it. I just need to let it go.

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