My Servers LOVE Me…

Often times, and I mean over 75% of the time it seems, when I am set to NOT be at work, something goes horribly wrong… I don’t know why, but it does. When I was ready to go to peru with the family, my mail server took a shit with 20 hours before my flight. I stayed at work for hours, rebuilt the machine and restored all the mail. I got to my house with about 25 min to pack and head to the airport. That was last year.

Fast forward to this week… Since I am feeling overwhelmed and behind on the floor install at the new house, I decided to take off wednesday off to work on the floor. We need to move in. So I get up, take a shower, and right when I get out, the phone is ringing. Email problems. I remote in, restart the services, it appears to solve the problem. I walk to the house. I am at the house, I install maybe 5 planks of wood, and the phone rings. Office, they haven’t got any outside mail all morning. OK. So I walk catherine through rebooting the machine. On shut down, it blue screens. Great. Lets hope it isn’t the sign of things to come… (but you know it is). Won’t come all the way up after log in. Fine, I am on my way in…

So I worked on the house for about 15 min. I was in the office around 10am wed. It is now little before 4am thursday. I am waiting for the last exchange service pack to download. I have backups of everything. I have multiple backup spoolers. All the email is right here. Nothing is really lost.

I spend most of the day attempting to recover the server. It wasn’t happening. Rebecca came over after work and we went to portillos/barnelli’s for dinner. I dropped her off at home and came back here. I rebuild the server from scratch. Once this service pack is down, I will install that and HOPEFULLY email will work. Magically. 😉

So I have come to the conclusion that the servers just like me so much that they can’t stand to have me leave them. Oh well. I could have been worse. I was having some backup issues last month, but we are running 100% now. So I have successfully covered my ass.

Things of note from this marathon:
1) they turn the AC off in the evening, or at least down. It is 83 in here. Awesome
2) the oblivion CD I bought the other day (Sweatpants U.S.A.) is good. It is on it’s 10th rotation.
3) I still can stay up late as I did in college. I am sure that I am no where near as trained as I was then, but I am feeling fine as I approach 24 hours.
4) backups rule. It is so easy, but so nice. I would be WAY more stressed if I didn’t have them. Knowing that they are here and I haven’t lost anything is a very comforting feeling. Backup email spoolers as well.

Ok, back to work….

G.V. from the album “Sweatpants U.S.A.” by Oblivion

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