My New MacBook…

so I ordered (and received today) a new MacBook, black 2.0… 80gb HD, 2GB RAM…. it is nice. I was going to buy one this calendar year due to the tax write off and my side income… and I was going to wait… but when I when I saw a couple coming on factory refurb, I decided now was as a good a time as any… so for $200 off, I ordered one. I got the RAM elsewhere for $170, and I am VERY happy with my purchase.

Compared to the iBook, there is a SIGNIFICANT speed increase. Like very noticeable… I haven’t had it long enough to get my normal work load up and running, but so far, I have yet to peg a CPU… and on the old machine, it wasn’t much work at all.

Safari and mail are significantly improved, and I am back to running apps that I had taken off in the past due to their overhead are now back running (I had forgotten how dope quicksilver is).

The fit and finish is great, the screen is very bright, and damn the mag power connector is DOPE… a VERY clever idea, especially since in the past, I have broken power connectors by the weird angles… and I am amazed at how the couple times today I have been moving around, the cable has popped out… it is a great idea.

So the performance is awesome, which was the honest to god real reason I upgraded. I spent a serious 8+ hours a day sitting at it, and the speed increase already has me stoked. It really is a big improvement.

I am getting everything back set up the way I want… the first thing I did when I got it was put the installer DVD back in and reinstalled the OS with the options I want. Without having all the extra bundled apps that I don’t need, I turned the factory 15gb install load down to 3.5gb. Much more up my alley.

So all the apps are slowly coming back in… I am trying to redo all the preferences vs importing them from the old machine to ensure I have a ‘cleaner’ install.

But overall, a great purchase. The best apple laptop I have bought, and as annoying as it is, nearly the cheapest one I have ever bought as well. Ah computers…

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