I am in a ok mood. I am ticked off about a lot of LITTLE things that, by themselves or even in small groups, would be fine… but it seems they are all piled up… oh well.

So I needed to make some changes to my company web site, which we paid some people to do like a year ago. The changes were simple, minor text changes… but since they did a bunch of text as graphics (grrr) I had to either try to match the existing in photoshop, or convert it to text (like it should have been). So I started poking around in the code, and it was all poorly written and pretty much all tables. So I rewrote the site in CSS yesterday. Today I need to change some of the images because instead of using something like padding or margins, they ADDED WHITE SPACE TO THE IMAGES. really? ok. awesome.

but it reminds me that I need to redo my sites. I need more time. I need to get some shit done to free up some time.

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