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OMG … so I am trying to finish this website for a client… the site is done. the client said make it live. The webhosting company is having trouble telling me what the FREAKING MYSQL HOSTNAME IS. I can’t make the DB without the host name.

So I am trying to get that information… so I am on hold. Again. This is like the 5th time (no joke) that I have called them. I have called them in the morning. I have called them from work. I have called them at night. Currently, the timer on my phone says 40 minutes… on hold. listening to music. occasionally interrupted to say that they are all busy. and they appreciate my patience. OMG so annoying. To make it MORE annoying, the woman from the client’s office called them today as well, and they told her they didn’t KNOW THE HOST. wtf?

I hate it. HATE IT. I am going nuts. Screw you TDS.NET!

Ok… update…

I finally talked to someone after 49 minutes on hold… and he has no idea what the mysql hostname is. Nor does anyone there… so he is going to hopefully get an answer tomorrow during the day and email that to me, tomorrow. This is after I had to call them because PHP wasn’t working. Evidently they didn’t ever test it? I have no idea… but they were able to fix it. Eventually. So I guess they are nice guys, but this is nor a hard request. It is not complex, and it is a service the client is paying for and thus, shouldn’t be that hard. The techs should know HOW to access it. It is a required part of ANYONE USING THE DATABASE. The database included in their package, that they pay for. ARG.

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