Checking out the browser world…

I have been trying a few different browsers lately, as the firefox memory usage drives me insane. Sure, I go insane slowly, but seriously.

Firefox 3 Beta

Aside from firebug/web developer/Stylish not working, it is great. Seems faster, and the memory footprint is WAY better. This MIGHT be due to the above mentioned firebug/web developer not working. heh. This is the current winner.


I gave flock a try again, and it is ok. The toolbar on the left is nice, although it could be improved. It is so… staccato in its presentation. I am currently using it or facebook, twitter, and youtube. I am also not sure that the top of the window is the best way to sift through media. That being said, I did just, as I wrote this, opt to update my twitter, and I went to flock. I could have just as easily gone to the twitter dashboard widget. hmmmm… The other problem is it seems that flock suffers from the memory footprint growth problem as well.


I was excited about the small size of this browser. I can handle a stripped down browser for some stuff. The only issue here is that sunrise seems to quit unexpectedly ALOT. Like I can’t really evaulate the memory usage since it never stays up that long. And I am not hitting any crazy sites either. The link preview image and the bookmarking image are cool features. The window resize tool on the toolbar is nice for development. But seriously, crashing is a big problem. I’ll keep watching it as it matures.


I think I am going to stay with firefox for most of my stuff, due primarily to the firebug/web developer feature set. But since those are not yet working in Firefox 3 Beta, I am going to keep playing with the others. Perhaps I’ll change my mind for everything that isn’t development.

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