Cell phones… nokia and iPhone…

I love nokia phones. I really like the symbian OS too. I think I just like the concept of an OS where I can install apps and whatnot and do whatever. Oh, and it isn’t an MS OS, which I won’t do. So I have a nokia. My wife has a nokia. My kid has my on of our old nokias as a toy. My mom has one. My sister has one. I tell everyone that they need nokias. When people who bought RAZR’s finally get fed up with that piece of crap phone, I tell them to go nokia.

So when the iPhone was announced I was conflicted. I also love apple. But the whole lack of installable software pissed me off to a degree that I knew I wasn’t going actually get one. I took the money and bought car parts and bike parts instead.

As the iPhone hit the market and I got more into it, there was a tinge of desire there I will admit, but then I remembered, while I sat on the can playing solitaire on my nokia, that I could do that on an iPhone, but I would have to be hitting a web page. Meh.

Then I got this link today, and I found it really funny. And really the points are all valid. Sure, it is a bit over the top, it is all valid. And really pretty in line with my feelings and thoughts. Sure, he does better animated GIFs than I do, but I am ok with that.

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